Learn More About What We Do and How YAC Works

What is YAC?

YAC is a collective of teams posting on YAC channels and affiliated with @YourAnonCentral. We support the weak against the powerful and stand for justice. Our values are:


  • Human rights.
  • Autonomy and self-governance.
  • Resistance against tyranny. 
  • A more humane society.
  • Actions Not Nouns.


YAC is also all the people who follow YAC accounts. Our wider community is an international network of millions of activists, journalists, politicians and observers, all listening to our messages and acting on the information. 

As a collective, the power comes from all of us. It is the people who follow our accounts and spread our messages that provide the amplification and group solidarity for everyone else.


How can you use YAC?


  1. Get our attention. If we see a lot of you in our mentions telling us about stories that fit with our values we will investigate them. 
  2. Engage. Build community by retweeting, favouriting and commenting on YAC posts . 
  3. Share. Spread the information from our accounts on all platforms.
  4. Build solidarity. Join others in their own struggles, Promote their causes as you would wish yours to be promoted.
  5. Organic posting is best. Running many accounts posting the same message repeatedly will get you ignored, blocked and often suspended from the platform. 
  6. Bot Posting. Automated posting will not build a personal connection with other activists which you need for global solidarity.
  7. Do not post shocking images in unrelated posts. While we understand those images are a record of crimes and they must be preserved, posting them in comments is often a TOS violation and may get your account suspended. 
  8. Disturbing images will cause many people to look away from your message. Send those images only to places that have the power to keep records of atrocities, such as the UN. ???
  9. Be polite. No one is your servant and no one is entitled to anyone else’s labour. If you want friends, be a friend.


What are the YAC channels?


YAC News is a daily news channel. It primarily covers breaking news. YAC News posts at least once a day, usually around 2:30PM UTC. 

YAC Defend exposes criminal acts and impunity by institutions and corporations. It posts once a day, at 10:00am UTC. 

YAC Protect highlights abuse and exploitation of the most vulnerable. It often includes calls to action related to specific cases. It also highlights systemic abuse. It posts once a day, at 2:00am UTC. 

YAC Create follows inspirational people and projects creating the kind of world we want to live in. It posts once a day, at 6:00Pm UTC. 

YAC Think inspires us to think deeply about the world we live in, the methods we use and the types of change we wish to make in the world. Here we highlight great thinkers who have clarified our thinking over the years. This channel will post once a week, at 10:30 UTC on Thursdays. 

YAC Live is an instructional channel that will offer guides on whatever skills we find essential to survive the challenges we are facing. It posts once a day, at 6:00am UTC. 

Spooky Connections is an encyclopedia of criminal networks. It is a slow grower as each article takes a great deal of research. If it attracts enough support, we hope to post once a week, at 6:30 pm UTC, on Fridays.

Binding Chaos is a channel of talks by an author who inspired a lot of our methodology, an activist deeply rooted in many movements for change and the creator of many of the most famous and earliest Anonymous ops such as OpDeathEaters, OpCanary, OpRohingya, OpGTMO, and many others. For anyone new to our community, these talks provide a good explanation of how we organize.


Where is YAC?

You can follow our accounts on





We look forward to growing with you as part of our global community!