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  In Russia, Each year 14,000 women are murdered in femicide and 13 million more are victims of male violence. A fifth of all Russian women are reported to be violently assaulted by a partner each year. 40% of all violent crimes against Russian women are committed within their families by a male relative or partner. 80% of female prisoners convicted of pre-meditated murder in Russia were acting in self-defence against a violent partner.  In 2018 three sisters were arrested for killing their abusive father who drove away their mother at gun point. The father, Mikhail Khachaturyan was a businessman who...

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  In October 2021 the human rights project, released leaked videos detailing Russian prison torture and rape. Gluagu has been working for nearly a decade against corruption, abuses, and torture by Russian police and in Russian prisons. It is made up of nearly 18,000 human rights defenders. What was leaked? At least 40 gigabytes of video material graphically documenting beatings, rape, and torture of inmates in prisons and pretrial detention centers was leaked. Vladimir Osechkin, founder of, told Reuters that the abuses were nationwide. He also stated that, "A system of torture has been and is still operational...

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