How To Identify Rapist Propaganda: Crime is Not a Sexual Orientation

How To Identify Rapist Propaganda: Crime is Not a Sexual Orientation


"The right to define reality is the right which creates all power."
- Heather Marsh, The Creation of Me, Them and Us

Can you imagine if the rape of women was called Historical Women's Sex? If rapists were called women lovers? Because that is the terminology that child rape lobbyists have convinced people to use for child rape.

Operation Death Eaters has spent a decade fighting lobbyist propaganda which seeks to frame the crime of child rape as isolated 'mental illness', 'personal life' or 'sex scandals' instead of the massive criminal industry it is. Here are some of their points.

“The first step for OpDeatheaters had to be to remove control of the dialogue from the perpetrators. Who controls the words controls your thoughts.”

Rape is not sex. 

Sex requires consent. Without consent, the word is rape. Children cannot consent.

Media and law often use the word 'sex' to conflate abduction, trafficking, obstruction of justice, blackmail, torture, rape and murder with sex. The crimes are then ignored to focus exclusively on non-existent 'sex'.  

Child rapists are not child lovers

There is no such thing as a sexual orientation called paedophilia. A sexual orientation, or sex, requires consenting partners. It is not sex if some of those involved are called victims - that is rape. Someone attracted to rape has sexual sadism disorder or paraphilic coercive disorder. Someone attracted to the rape of children is a paedosadist. 

None of these labels matter. The focus should be on the crime, not the predator's feelings. Pretending that 'pedophilia' exists and is a sexual orientation is used to pretend the predator is accused of having sex instead of committing rape and other crimes. 

The word 'pedophile' erases the child from the act and is concerned solely with the feelings and perspective of the predator. No one considers being raped, tortured, murdered is a sexual orientation. 'Pedophile' has no word for the child.

People who rape women are not called gynophiles. People who rape men are not called androphiles. People who rape children are ...Child rapists. That is all.

Use the victim's perspective

The word 'pedophile' makes the predator a victim of an illness and their prey simply a recipient of 'love'. The predator's 'illness' is portrayed as worth more sympathy than the victims of their crimes.

The word "paedophile" is to put focus on the torturer/murderer and his "illness" which needs "understanding". The hyper-focus on the predator in child rape reporting puts the predator and his life paramount, and eliminates empathy for the victim. 

It's a crime, not a game

Rape is the only violent crime that is depicted as a game. Romp, play, peccadillo, scandal, sex game, sex scandal or sex are all words used by media used to diminish the harm to the victim. These casual or fun words are used to disguise the crimes committed. Child rape involves rape, murder, torture, abduction and extortion. These are crimes, not a game. 

It's a crime, not a scandal or a pecadillo

Rape is also the only crime often depicted as 'deeply personal' and belonging only to the predator, not the business of victims or society. Crime is everyone's business.

They are child rapists, not pillars of community

Predators are very often portrayed as upstanding people instead of criminals. Media use descriptors such as 'wealthy financier', 'the royal prince', 'president' and 'high profile humanitarian'. This provides public justification for the fact that they almost never suffer consequences. This propaganda results in frequent judicial reversal of blame from the predator to the victim in rape cases.

Victims are not oppressors

Media portrayal of child rape crimes changes the status of the victims while the predators retain their former status. Many words are used to disguise the fact that the victims are children such as 'gay sex', 'loose women', 'rent boy', 'prostitute' or the nonexistent 'underage women'. The depiction of child victims as prostitutes (and gay if male) is an attempt to devalue their lives relative to the predator. A boy does not become a homosexual (or in some cultures, a woman) just because he is raped. A child does not become anything except the victim of a crime.

'Victim' is not a status to 'identify with'. All victims of crimes are victims of crimes. The narrative that victimhood of rape (and only rape) is a 'choice' places the blame for that choice on the victim. The negative words used to describe child victims imply that they chose or deserved their victimhood. This is reflected in the lack of public concern for the number of victims and witnesses currently filling prisons and mental institutions.

Related to the portrayal of victims as oppressors is the portrayal of children as powerful, experienced and mature. Conflation of child rape with adult relationships by depicting the problem as age or power difference or a lack of consent, is an attempt to erase the right of children to not be sexualized by adults. 


The predator is not the victim

Headlines and media reports often place the predator as the victim and the victim as the aggressor. This is done by claiming that the predator is bombarded, attacked, pursued, or hounded by accusations. The victim is also often portrayed as "admitting to" being raped or groomed as children. 

Parents, especially mothers, are another frequent scapegoat, both in excusing the failings of the predator and being held responsible for what happened to their children. "Where were the parents?" is to child rape as "What was she wearing?" is to rape of women. This is an attempt to deflect guilt that ought to be centered on the predator.

Victim testimony is also discredited by the use of single quotes around words like rape and murder, by saying they 'claim' instead of 'state' or 'testify' and by discrediting their morals, intelligence or sanity. 

Accusations are not attacks

Victims, investigators and journalists are depicted as victimizing the predator and the reputations of the predator receive more sympathetic focus than victims' lives. Accusations are depicted as a greater injury than crimes and accusers frequently receive far harsher sentences and social repercussions than the accused. 

Rapists are not a marginalized community

Rapists who are not depicted as pillars of the community are often depicted as part of a "marginalized community". Their victims are then portrayed as attacking a marginalized community by accusing their rapists. 

It's a massive criminal industry, not 'his personal life'

A frequent focus is on understanding and supporting child rapists. Child rape is a crime, not a sexual orientation. If child rapists need therapy, not persecution, then so do those who rape, torture, murder, abduct and enslave adults. Everything claimed about child rape must apply to all violent crime, including rape of adults.

Phrases like sex scandal and child porn conceal the six crimes typically hidden underneath: rape, torture, murder, abduction, trafficking, and blackmail. In the case of high ranking criminals, the six crimes are usually followed by an institutional web of obstruction of justice, influence peddling, and governance by blackmail. 

Child rape must be reported as a criminal industry, not a personal peccadillo or inherent trait.


Slavery of women and children is slavery

Slavery exists when people are treated as property. Those enslaved do not have to be used for industrial labour. They can be used for rape, childbirth, domestic labour, organ harvesting, ritual killing, mules, or killers. It is all still slavery. 

Human trafficking is not "a form of modern day slavery" it is just slavery. Trafficking just means selling. Human trafficking is selling humans. That's a lot of syllables to say slavery (and it's inaccurate, slaves aren't always sold). Sex trafficking just means selling sex which is seldom a crime. What they mean is rape slavery. 

Slavery that is predominantly targeting women and children is still slavery. 

Media and human rights organizations are very reluctant to use the word slavery when reporting on women and children, often placing it in single quotes or adding modifiers like 'a form of modern day'. This reflects the still prevalent attitude that women and children are naturally possessions.

Crime is not a sexual orientation

And most of all: We are not dealing with 'a sexual orientation' or 'chronophilia' we are dealing with a massive criminal industry. Slavery is not a sexual orientation. Rape is not a sexual orientation. Violence is not a sexual orientation.

"child sex" is rape 
"non-consensual sex" is rape
"sex with minors" is rape 
"historical child sex" is rape
"child prostitute" is rape Victim 
"underage woman" is rape Victim 
"rent boy" is rape victim
"child porn" is child rape documentation
"pedophile" is child rapist 
"pedophilia" is child rape industry
"chronophilia" is child rape propaganda
"MAP" is child rapist
NOMAP is child rape enthusiast
"human trafficking" is slavery 
"modern day slavery" is slavery 
"sex trafficking" is rape slavery






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