How Natacha Jaitt Exposed An Argentinean Child Rape Network

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How Natacha Jaitt Exposed An Argentinean Child Rape Network

In 2018, supermodel Natacha Jaitt went on live television and revealed a child rape network among Argentina's high society, including journalists, politicians, religious figures, actors, drivers, and television producers. Two weeks before having to testify against one of the men, she was found dead. Now her family demands justice for Natacha.

Natacha Jaitt named journalists, producers, politicians, and even Pope Francis and his close friend Gustavo Vera as accomplices of the child rape network. Natacha Jaitt spoke specifically of the deputy Gustavo Vera and asked journalist Mercedes Ninci: “Mercedes, you are a close friend of Vera, did you know that he is a pedophile and that he runs brothels?” Gustavo Vera was the head of La Alameda, an organization that claims to fight rape trafficking in Argentina.

Gustavo Vera is a longtime friend and associate of Pope Francis who nicknamed him "God's Trotsky". Natacha Jaitt also mentioned Bergoglio's, known as Pope Francis, well-documented attempt to defend Fr. Julio César Grassi, a convicted child rapist. “(Julio) Grassi practiced pedophilia and Bergoglio moved to a place of children without resources to save him.” Julio Grassi was found guilty in 2009 of two acts of aggravated assault of a minor. Bergoglio (Pope Francis), president of the bishops of Argentina, commissioned a leading criminal defense lawyer, Marcelo Sancinetti, to put together a report to exonerate Grassi. The report, 2,800 pages long, was slammed for its attempts to discredit the victims, Attorney Juan Pablo Gallego, who represented the plaintiffs, said it was a "scandalous instance of lobbying and exerting pressure on the Court."

"What did I do? Take video, do logistics and follow him for a year... Prostitutes from the streets and unfortunately from apartments had to endure being raped and sexually abused for 200, 500 pesos in the power of Mr. Vera." Said Natacha Jaitt. She also accused public relations officer Leonardo Cohen Arazi. “Cohen Arazi asked for sex in exchange for work, his partner is Francisco Delgado from Big Brother, Brian (Lanzelotta) took boys from the village to the referee (Martín Bustos) and him”

In early 2018, after exposing the existence of the child rape network, Natacha Jaitt tweeted that she would never commit suicide; if she were found dead, it was not her doing. “I will not commit suicide. I won’t be bought off or drown in a bathtub, nor will I shoot myself” In 2019, Natacha Jaitt spoke out in court about her rape by the Argentinean actor Maxi Guisto and director Pablo Yotich. Six days after Natacha Jaitt came forward in court about her rape, she was found dead. Two weeks from her death, Natacha Jaitt was also set to testify against Gustavo Vera. Coroners claim the she died from a cocaine overdose, however, family and close friends confirmed that she was no longer a drug user.

Natacha Jaitt's brother and attorney say that her death was a murder, not a suicide or an accidental overdose and they demand a homicide investigation. Police want to close Natacha's death as suicide but won't rule out an investigation.


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