The Tatmadaw Is Responsible For Human Rights Catastrophe In Myanmar

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The Tatmadaw Is Responsible For Human Rights Catastrophe In Myanmar

The Tatmadaw's coup d'etat of the democratically elected government in Myanmar has led to economic strikes, renewed armed resistance, and unleashed daily pro-democracy protests that have been met by a violent state crackdown.

According to credible reports by the Assistance Association For Political Prisoners at least 862 people have been murdered by the Tatmadaw. At least 6,013 have been arrested since the start of the coup, meanwhile, at least 4,848 are currently detained and/or sentenced, and nearly 1,936 are currently evading an arrest warrant. 

In a statement published on Friday, June 11, 2001, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said that the Tatmadaw is ‘singularly responsible’ for the ongoing violence and human rights catastrophe in Myanmar and ‘must be held to account’.  

Michelle Bachelet said multiple reports indicated that the Tatmadaw was continuing its attacks against the civilian population, including in Kayah, Chin, and Kachin states, where the junta increasingly violent against ethnic and religious minority groups. More than 108,000 people have been displaced in Kayah state over the past three weeks, with many taking refuge in forest areas with little or no food, water, sanitation, or medical aid. There are also credible reports that the junta have shelled civilian homes and churches and blocked access to humanitarian aid.


“There appears to be no efforts towards de-escalation but rather a build-up of troops in key areas, contrary to the commitments the military made to ASEAN to cease the violence ... in just over four months, Myanmar has gone from being a fragile democracy to a human rights catastrophe,” 

Earlier the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) had led an unsuccessful effort to find a way to pressure the Tatmadaw from murdering civilians. However, appeasement and negotiations predictably did not work. 

Meanwhile protests supporting democracy in Myanmar were held in over 21 countries over the weekend to coincide with the G7 summit in Britain. In Tokyo, more than 1,000 protesters demonstrated outside the United Nations University. In Britain, hundreds showed up at the port town of Falmouth, where the G7 is being hosted. The protestors condemned the Tatmadaw 's violence and demanded that the G7 leaders take action.

As people in Myanmar patiently wait for any international assistance, they continue to bravely resist against the junta and hold guerilla protests nationwide.

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