Man Scared To Death By Trolls Trying To Steal His Twitter Handle

Man Scared To Death By Trolls Trying To Steal His Twitter Handle

A 60-year-old man in Tennessee, USA was reportedly scared to death after Teens swatted him in 2020 over a Twitter handle.

Mark Herring of Summer Country, Tennessee USA was "swatted" by teenagers who wanted to steal his Twitter handle. Swatting is the act of calling the police on an innocent person with a false claim that the individual is an active shooter, kidnapper, or another type of hostile criminal. The teenagers targeted Herring because they wanted his "@Tennessee" Twitter handle, which he had acquired in 2006 and refused to sell.

Among the swatters, Shane Sonderman, age 18, was given a five-year prison sentence on Wednesday. He was charged with wire fraud, interstate communication of threats, false information, and hoaxes, and conspiracy. He agreed to plead guilty in March to the conspiracy charge in exchange for other charges to be dropped. His co-conspirator is a British minor who was not extradited to the US. According to the indictment, Herring was one of five people targeted by the teenagers as part of a scheme to obtain social media accounts to sell on internet forums.

Herring was surrounded by armed police in April 2020 after trolls doxed Herring and harassed him for months, the targeted harassment campaign ended when they reported a fake murder which led to his death. That day the Twitter trolls initially harassed Herring by ordering cash-only pizza deliveries to his home. Later that evening Sonderman called to the police to report that a murder had occurred at the residence and that pipe bombs had been set off. Armed police surrounded Herring's home and as a result, he suffered a fatal heart attack. Herring's daughter, Corinna Herring Fitch, reported that her father was "scared to death" when police swarmed the property with guns drawn. 



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