Anonymous Message For Peru: Election Fraud?

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Anonymous Message For Peru: Election Fraud?


A recent video alleging to be from Anonymous, sends a chilling message to the Peruvian government, Francisco Sagasti, and the National Elections Jury (JNE) claiming that they have not been neutral or impartial in the second round elections between Keiko Fujimori and Pedro Castillo.

The hacker group launched multiple allegations of fraud published on social networks against Keiko Fujimori, some are false and others are true, and that they, in search of the truth, have found much evidence of fraud and negotiations through intermediary agents. For this reason, they have given 48 hours to the president of the JNE, Jorge Salas Arenas, to resign from his position, otherwise, they will expose audios, documents, and foreign bank movements that will expose his guilt and lack of neutrality.

"We demand transparency but we allow all Peruvian government agencies and especially the National Elections Jury to be transparent and honest with citizens," the audio claims. While the nature of Anonymous does not allow anyone to ascertain the origin or validity of these videos or warnings, one thing is for sure, it can add more drama to an already explosive election battle in Peru. What do you think about this latest warning? Watch and let us know in the comments below!

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  • AC

    The fraud is evident and all the people of Peru want is the the JMR shows the list of people who went to vote. There we will all see the fraud. What is so wrong to investigate and give clarity to accusations of fraud which have been already proven!

  • To.Carlos

    Bottom line my 4zz, stop talking out your 4zz and get ready for the truth…

  • Carlos

    Keiko Fujimori has lost her third presidential candidacy. The previous time with her congressmen she managed to remove President Pedro Kukcsinsjy. This time, the fraud claim is a premeditated act. She controls the media, the Congress, the judiciary and has enormous power to pretend that they have done “fraud.” She fights to save herself from 30 years in jail. This is the bottom line

  • yourmom

    Post the data or stfu

  • Cesar

    The question is: What are you going to do to expose ONPE?

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