Anonymous Message For Peru: Election Fraud?

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Anonymous Message For Peru: Election Fraud?


A recent video alleging to be from Anonymous, sends a chilling message to the Peruvian government, Francisco Sagasti, and the National Elections Jury (JNE) claiming that they have not been neutral or impartial in the second round elections between Keiko Fujimori and Pedro Castillo.

The hacker group launched multiple allegations of fraud published on social networks against Keiko Fujimori, some are false and others are true, and that they, in search of the truth, have found much evidence of fraud and negotiations through intermediary agents. For this reason, they have given 48 hours to the president of the JNE, Jorge Salas Arenas, to resign from his position, otherwise, they will expose audios, documents, and foreign bank movements that will expose his guilt and lack of neutrality.

"We demand transparency but we allow all Peruvian government agencies and especially the National Elections Jury to be transparent and honest with citizens," the audio claims. While the nature of Anonymous does not allow anyone to ascertain the origin or validity of these videos or warnings, one thing is for sure, it can add more drama to an already explosive election battle in Peru. What do you think about this latest warning? Watch and let us know in the comments below!

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  • juan

    Thank you guys for putting a spotlight here. The current issue is really complex but right now the man who needs to step aside is Salas Arenas. Piero Corvetto. Francisco Sagasti too, our current president, nothing more than the the successor of the corrupt former President of the Pandemic Martin Vizcarra. So the names and key words of this netflix story are: Quispe Palomino Vraem. Sacha Vraem. Edwarg Quiroga Vargas Iran. Camarada Vilma Vraem. Vladimir Cerron Junin. Guillermo Bermejo Vraem. Clara Elvira Ospina DEA.

  • Jorge

    No, ustedes ni deben meterse en los problemas de Perú, gracias a ustedes y la generación de jóvenes engañados el partido morado de julio Guzmán se hicieron dueños del gobierno peruano, por culpa de ustedes quienes hackearon a grupos de derecha pero no a ninguno de izquierda.

  • Sagasti

    Anonymous son unos imbéciles gracias a ustedes sagasti y sus caviares ahora son dueños del Perú.
    Vete a la mierda anonymous, sarta de metiches, vagos, oportunistas

  • Hectoe

    THERE IS NO FRAUD!! All her claims have being proven to be FALSE. She wants to eliminate 200 thousands votes from the south and rural areas of Peru. She wants the presidency to gain immunity so she would wouldn’t go to jail. Now with her corrupt allies in congress, they are setting bills to impeach President Castillo in the next couple of months. She controls the media and a lot of corrupt politicians. Keiko Fujimori is the daughter of the Dictador Alberto Fujimori and the first lady of THE MOST corrupt administration in the History of Peru, who also killed thousands of innocent people, along with anyone who tried to make his corruption public. He even torture his ex wife when she revealed the truth. KEIKO IS A CRIMINAL AND IS COMMITTING ANTI-DEMOCRATIX TACTICS

  • ALONSO87

    The fraud is clear. Is orchestrated by former president Martín Vizcarra, JNE judge Salas Arenas, ONPE president Piero Corveto and Pedro Castillo’s Party real leader Vladimir Cerron, in addition to the People mentioned before there are Cuban, Bolivian, Venezuela intelligence officers and other internacional agentes experts in electoral fraud so if you ezpose their finantial movements, audios, videos involving the fraud you could save millions of People of a comunist famine and política persecution. Please expose the comunist fraud.

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