Anonymous Message For Peru: Election Fraud?

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Anonymous Message For Peru: Election Fraud?


A recent video alleging to be from Anonymous, sends a chilling message to the Peruvian government, Francisco Sagasti, and the National Elections Jury (JNE) claiming that they have not been neutral or impartial in the second round elections between Keiko Fujimori and Pedro Castillo.

The hacker group launched multiple allegations of fraud published on social networks against Keiko Fujimori, some are false and others are true, and that they, in search of the truth, have found much evidence of fraud and negotiations through intermediary agents. For this reason, they have given 48 hours to the president of the JNE, Jorge Salas Arenas, to resign from his position, otherwise, they will expose audios, documents, and foreign bank movements that will expose his guilt and lack of neutrality.

"We demand transparency but we allow all Peruvian government agencies and especially the National Elections Jury to be transparent and honest with citizens," the audio claims. While the nature of Anonymous does not allow anyone to ascertain the origin or validity of these videos or warnings, one thing is for sure, it can add more drama to an already explosive election battle in Peru. What do you think about this latest warning? Watch and let us know in the comments below!

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  • Maria

    Today, Jun 23, Luis Arce Cordova, one of the juries of the National Electoral Jury (JNE) has resigned to his position due to all the dishonesty and wrongdoings from the other members of the JNE. In a long resignation letter, he explains his reasons, detailing the lack of impartiality, transparency, and illegalities committed during this process. This is a very serious and brave statement denoting that the whole process is corrupted.
    Unfortunately, the news about the Peruvian elections has not been analyzed as it should be. Most of the information received by the principal newspapers around the world is produced by leftist or anti-Fujimori correspondents which are aligned with Pedro Castillo’s party.
    Is important to understand that Pedro Castillo is only a puppet of Vladimir Cerron, the leader of ‘Peru Libre’ party, he is a confessed Marxist-Leninist and his ideology is a very radical communist one. He has studied in Cuba, is a close friend of Nicolas Maduro from Venezuela, and has been in jail due to corruption during his governance in the Junin region. ‘Peru Libre’ has placed 4 former terrorists as congressmen, which is against the law, but “conveniently” the JNE didn’t do his job and let them run as candidates and were elected.
    To understand this complex fraud is important to know that the previous Peruvian president, Martin Vizcarra was a friend of Vladimir Cerron, and during his presidency, he left a lot of allies in key positions on the electoral agencies preparing this systematic fraud (JNE, Reniec & ONPE). JNE is presided by a former terrorist lawyer, Jorge Salas Arenas. ONPE is managed by Piero Corvetto, an observer of the 2013 Venezuelan elections that he qualified as democratic (everybody knows that Venezuela is governed by a dictatorship). Dina Boluarte, Castillo’s vice president works in Reniec and has access to all the data of the Peruvian population.
    This scenario, joined with the pandemia that has hit very badly in Peru has created the perfect storm. There are key people that need to be investigated:
    - Martin Vizcarra, former president
    - Francisco Sagasti, current president
    - Vladimir Cerron, leader of ‘Peru Libre’ party
    - Dina Boluarte, vice president for Castillo
    - Jorge Salas Arenas, president of JNE
    - Jorge Rodríguez Vélez, member of JNE
    - Jovián Sanjinez Salazar, member of JNE
    - Yessica Elisa Clavijo Chipoco, director JNE
    - Piero Corvetto, ONPE manager
    - Roberto Carlos Montenegro Vega, IT manager ONPE
    - Luis Irribarren Lazo, former Reniec manager
    - Carmen Velarde Koechlin, Reniec manager

    I hope that Anonymous take some time for investigating these people and help the Peruvian people against these criminals. #SOSPeru.

  • Maria

    On Sunday, June 6, Peru held the 2nd round of presidential elections between candidates Keiko Fujimori and Pedro Castillo, with a very tight result. The next day, the electoral ballots started coming for data entry, showing several kinds of irregularities in many isolated Andean towns, such as dead people & kids voting, falsified signatures, records with 100% of the votes for Castillo’s party, and thousands of records with the same hand-writing style showing that a systematic fraud has been done.
    Fujimori’s party prepared 802 complaints as quickly as possible and JNE (National Electoral Jury) initially accepted to legally extend the deadline but 4 hours later it changed its mind. Apparently, JNE realized that those electoral ballots will give the triumph of Fujimori.
    JNE’s supreme judge Salas Arenas is a former terrorist lawyer and ONPE (National Organisation Electoral Process) has colluded in this election. President Sagasti (friend of terrorist Cerpa Cartolini), sought help from Mario Vargas Llosa for making him convince Fujimori to desist in her legit claims, but Vargas Llosa told him not to interfere in Peruvian elections. All the process is corrupted and a judge who is investigating Fujimori just decided to re-activate a trial for sending her to jail and disappear the opposition in a clear case of political persecution.
    Further investigations are showing that the fraud is massive and would have affected around 10% of the ballots in the country. The electoral agencies (JNE, ONPE & Reniec) keep denying their responsibility and don’t want to provide public information for stopping investigations. Protests are massive around the country and outside it.
    Our democracy is at stake, Pedro Castillo’s party is a radical communist allied with terrorists, supported by narcs, Cuba & Venezuela. During the last days, few international observers stayed in Lima but were not interested in investigating or saying the word fraud. We urge the international community to support the Peruvian Democratic Process and push the Peruvian government to review at least that legit 802 ballots that represent 200k votes.

    We need help from Anonymous. Urgent!

  • Flor del Norte

    Todo aporte para evidenciar más el Fraude es bien recibido!!!!

  • Fernando

    Me parece o la gente lee lo que quiere leer, o seguimos REFORZANDO EL GRAN PROBLEMA DE COMPRENSIÓN LECTORA que tenemos en Perú. En qué momento dice que Anonymous es el autor??? “While the nature of Anonymous does not allow anyone to ascertain the origin or validity of these videos or warnings, one thing is for sure, it can add more drama to an already explosive election battle in Peru”

  • DirtyPolitiks

    There is always FRAUD in Latin America, because its the only way COMMUNIST will get into power and destroy latina america countries for the benefits of a few…. Fancisco Sagasti and National Election Jury are in the side of the terrorist group SHINNING PATH that detroyed alot of famalies during the goverment of Alberto Fujimory in the 90s and during all this years they are trying to take power…. Hope we can search the truth and see why the National Election Jury dont want to show us all the votes denied and why dead people voted in favor of Pedro Castillo.

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