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A jury in the Ghislaine Maxwell child rape trafficking trial was selected on Monday, November 29, as prosecutors seek to prove that she lured and groomed children for child rapist and alleged spy Jeffrey Epstein to rape and traffick. Epstein is widely known for his close connections and decades-old relationships with prominent individuals in government, media, and royalty. Many of which, like Prince Andrew who continues to be protected by the UK government, have been repeatedly accused of partaking in the Epstein child rape network.   U.S. prosecutors report that between 1994 and 2004, Ghislaine Maxwell groomed children by taking...

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  In Russia, Each year 14,000 women are murdered in femicide and 13 million more are victims of male violence. A fifth of all Russian women are reported to be violently assaulted by a partner each year. 40% of all violent crimes against Russian women are committed within their families by a male relative or partner. 80% of female prisoners convicted of pre-meditated murder in Russia were acting in self-defence against a violent partner.  In 2018 three sisters were arrested for killing their abusive father who drove away their mother at gun point. The father, Mikhail Khachaturyan was a businessman who...

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