Protestors Take To The Streets As The Taliban Struggles To Govern

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Protestors Take To The Streets As The Taliban Struggles To Govern

The Taliban, a Pakistan backed terrorist group, called on Afghanistan's imams to urge people to not leave the country and stop protesting, as they struggle to maintain control of the population. Protests against the takeover have begun to spread to multiple cities on Thursday, including the capital, Kabul. Some of the biggest protests are being led by women who demand their human rights be respected. “At first I was scared [to join the protest] and didn’t want to go but when I saw one of my neighbours joined in, I took out the flag I have at home," a protestor said.

Several people were murdered by Taliban militants who fired on a crowd in the eastern city of Asadabad. Meanwhile, in Kabul, the Taliban seemingly fired into the air in an attempt to disperse protestors. Protestors chanted against the Taliban's takeover and called on the Taliban to not change the national flag. At some protests, men and women defied the Taliban and even took down their flag.The Northern Alliance in Panjshir Valley north of Kabul, allied with the U.S. during the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, has opposition figures gathering there planning resistance to Pakistan backed Taliban. It is in the only province that has not fallen to the Taliban.


Currently Afghanistan's economy has crashed after the Taliban takeover, the national wealth is locked out of reach in the United States and the economy was kept up through foreign aid which has now stopped. Furthermore, a drought has wiped out 40% of the country's crops and imports of food from abroad have now stopped. Compiling on the economic crisis is also a rapidly increasing COVID19 spread and the healthcare system has all but collapsed after most foreigners evacuated. While the Taliban may have successfully taken over the country through a serious of military victories and mostly bribery, it now has to govern over a country that faces serious issues and a people yearning for democracy and stability. 

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