Myanmar Youths Jump To Their Death To Escape Fascist Junta

Myanmar Youths Jump To Their Death To Escape Fascist Junta

Five young people jumped from an apartment building in Myanmar's main city of Yangon in an attempt to escape the brutal junta forces. At least two of them are claimed to have been killed according to some media reports. The U.S.-funded RFA (Radio Free Asia) said that all five youths involved in the incident, four men and a woman, had later died. The tragic incident has struck a chord nationwide, causing widespread outrage and grief. 



The incident occurred in the Botahtaung district of Yangon, with media reports saying at least two died while the others were seriously hurt and taken to hospital. The bodies of the dead have also not been returned to the families and according to reports, the junta plans to cremate them without consent. Others who have been captured have not been seen or heard of and it is likely they are being tortured and mistreated.

Tin Zaw, the father of one of the victims, said in an interview with RFA that his son had been arrested by the junta's fascist forces in February, but had been freed with his help. Since the coup, his son had tried to resist the military junta after never being interested in politics before. "There wasn't any big organisation behind him," the mourning father declared that he was proud of his son. Soe Myat Thu, the husband of a woman who is believed to be among the dead, told Reuters that he had not yet received her body. "I feel really sad that my wife died. She left a daughter behind," 



Art and poems in tribute to 5 young people who jumped flooded the social media feeds. Myanmar protest leader and activist Thinzar Shunlei Yi said that the five appeared to have jumped rather than face the prospect of detention or torture if they were caught. Thinzar Shunlei Yi said, "If they could make it, they'd be free. If they couldn't, they would die."




The fascist China/ Russia backed junta overthrew the democratic government in February. Since then there have been daily mass protests calling for global attention and a return for democracy. 



Various ethnic insurgent groups, officially known as ethnic armed organisations and newly made pro-democracy militias have also been clashing with the junta. The armed resistance is taking place despite liberation fighters being outgunned and receiving little to no international support from the world's remaining democracies. From June 1 through June 30, the Ministry of Defence of the National Unity Government (NUG) says 374 clashes occurred in the country. A total of 374 clashes were reported, 40 of them between the junta and the People Defense Forces (PDF) and ethnic armed organizations (EAOs), while defensive battles taken by people’s forces were 38. According to the report, Sagaing is the region with the most clashes. As a result of the junta's soldiers and guerrilla forces fighting, 387 junta members and 159 civilians died. 



Fascist forces have murdered at least 965 people since the coup, according to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners. Despite facing imprisonment, torture, and death protests and resistance efforts continue nationwide. While the tragedy and pain continue to pile up, the people's determination and resolve to restore democracy and justice continue stronger than ever.

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