Myanmar Junta Forces Massacred 41 People In Depayin, 50 missing

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Myanmar Junta Forces Massacred 41 People In Depayin, 50 missing

Myanmar's junta forces massacred at least 41 civilians some of which were passerbys and others who were protesting  against the coup d'etat and occupation by rogue military leadership on Friday, July 2nd, Villagers report that at least 50 people are also missing.

Myanmar has been plunged into chaos since the rogue military seized control on February 1, 2021 making unfounded allegations of fraud in the November elections which were won by Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy. The attack occurred in the Depayin township located in the central Sagaing region, 180 miles north of Naypyidaw, when military trucks dropped off soldiers. “They shot everyone who they saw on the road and in the village. They did not just have one target,” a witness said
The Depayin People’s Defence Force took up positions to defend themselves but were overpowered by the soldiers who were using heavy armaments, many purchased from Russia. The state-run Global New Light of Myanmar spread the unverified claims that resistance units, which they called "armed terrorists" had "ambushed" a junta patrol, killing one junta troop and injuring six others before they "retaliated".

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, which has been tracking the post-coup crackdown, says that at least 888 people have been killed by security forces since February, with nearly 5,200 in detention. More than 230,000 people have been displaced in the post-coup violence, according to the United Nations.

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