The Cuban Government Confirms Cyberattack, Anonymous Claims Responsibility.

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The Cuban Government Confirms Cyberattack, Anonymous Claims Responsibility.

Alleged members of the Anonymous collective claim to have "hacked" websites belonging to the Cuban government in an operation dubbed #OpCuba. 

In February 2020, the twitter account called Anonymous Cuba Oficial claimed that it had hacked a Cuban University website and defaced it in Spanish with calls for "freedom for Cuba" and "down Raúl Castro and Miguel Díaz-Canel".  They then deleted their tweet was captured and documented by @YucaByte. That same month the group also attacked the websites of the Spanish embassy in Havana, the reason was unclear. After the hacking of the website of the Spanish Embassy in Havana, Anonymous also indicated that it would attack alleged false accounts it claims are ran by the government (the so-called cyberclaries). These accounts according to the group are used by the regime uses to amplify the Cuban leaderships following, similar to the botnets used to increase Former US President Trump's twitter presence but at a much smaller scale. The alleged Anonymous even announced: "We will take part by deactivating many of these accounts." However, this apparently did not materialize nor is there substantial information to confirm the initial claim.

On July 2021, reports have resurfaced of alleged members of Anonymous targeting the Cuban government again. Some of the reports are recycling the 2020 hacks of the University and Embassy as current. However, newer reports claim that Cuba's Central bank and the official website for the government of Cuba were briefly disrupted by a DDoS attack. The group says that the attack was in response to the Cuban government's repression of hundreds of protestors on Sunday.

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