Brazil top court orders new investigation into Bolsonaro for fraud claims

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Brazil top court orders new investigation into Bolsonaro for fraud claims

The Supreme Court rules President Jair Bolsonaro should face an investigation for claims that Brazil's voter registration system was tainted with fraud.

Jair Bolsonaro has been ordered to be investigated by the supreme court over his claim that the electronic voting system in Brazil is flooded with fraud, adding him to a broader investigation into the spread of fake news in Brazil by his government.
Justice Alexandre de Moraes' ruling came after Bolsonaro continued to attack Brazil's electoral system Wednesday night, saying without evidence that the system is corrupt.
Bolsonar has seen a recent drop in popularity due to his grim handling of the COVID19 pandemic which has left thousand, and he has threatened there will be no elections next year if the current system is not overhauled in a ploy to keep hold of power.
In polls taken recently, Bolsonaro trails Lula da Silva, the former left-wing president who is expected to challenge him.
A Brazilian court announced Monday that it would investigate the president for alleged abuse of power, improper use of official communication channels, corruption, fraud, and other potential crimes in his attacks on electronic voting. Bolsonaro brushed off the court and called it an “internal attack”.

Bolsonaro has faced global mass protests demanding his impeachment and arrest as Brazil continues to be ravished by COVID19, its economy withers, and human suffering grows.

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