Anonymous' War with Putin's Russia

Anonymous' War with Putin's Russia

Anonymous Recap: War with Putin's Russia

This is a recap of our war with Putin.

Since last week, Anonymous hackers have been actively protecting critical Ukrainian infrastructure, spying on Russian troops, and relaying information to the Ukrainian armed forces.

On Tuesday, we took down the Chinese Culture website as a warning shot and uploaded screenshots of our small-scale hack on a Modbus device.

On Thursday, we took down the major Russian propaganda outlet, RT, with a DDOS attack, shutting down the site for hours in response to the DDOS attacks committed against Ukrainian sites.

On Friday, we targeted the websites of the Russian Ministry of Defence, the Kremlin, the Federal anti-monopoly service, RT, and many other government sites.

Today, Saturday the 26th, we continue with our defence of Ukraine.

We are investigating

We are done asking

We have officially declared war on Putin's Russia.

Now we ask for the help of all Anonymous hackers.


  • anon

    can you just post the links to the some DOS tool thanks.
    does something like help?

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