Anonymous Message For Peru: Election Fraud?

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Anonymous Message For Peru: Election Fraud?


A recent video alleging to be from Anonymous, sends a chilling message to the Peruvian government, Francisco Sagasti, and the National Elections Jury (JNE) claiming that they have not been neutral or impartial in the second round elections between Keiko Fujimori and Pedro Castillo.

The hacker group launched multiple allegations of fraud published on social networks against Keiko Fujimori, some are false and others are true, and that they, in search of the truth, have found much evidence of fraud and negotiations through intermediary agents. For this reason, they have given 48 hours to the president of the JNE, Jorge Salas Arenas, to resign from his position, otherwise, they will expose audios, documents, and foreign bank movements that will expose his guilt and lack of neutrality.

"We demand transparency but we allow all Peruvian government agencies and especially the National Elections Jury to be transparent and honest with citizens," the audio claims. While the nature of Anonymous does not allow anyone to ascertain the origin or validity of these videos or warnings, one thing is for sure, it can add more drama to an already explosive election battle in Peru. What do you think about this latest warning? Watch and let us know in the comments below!

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  • Mae Paredes

    Señores solicitamos ayuda para descubrir la verdad .He sentido con mucho pezar la indolencia de las autoridades electorales y del propio presidente sagasti. Denunciamos firmas falsas difuntos que votan bebes que botan .Nos amendrentan con machete en mano para no seguir alzando nuestra voz.Peru Libre tiene vinculos con terroristas y el Presidente los encubre.Hay 4 congresistas electos que fueron sentenciados por terrorismo y el JNE le dio el pase libre. Nos quieren gobernar los terroristas comunistas con fraude electoral. Dios le bendiga y se apiade de nosotros.

  • Chris

    True! Nicolas Maduro’s advisors helped to design the fraud. The JNE lack of transparency demonstrates that they all are working together with Sagasti and the false winner Pedro Castillo. Few journalists made public some videos and recordings in which it’s clear how this fraud was planned weeks before the election. Previously, this corrupt gov also misled peruvians by underestimating covid19 total deaths for several months… thousands of people died because of this misrepresentation. They’re oscure and now their objective is to keep power by making winner the candidate they chose, Pedro Castillo, which is a radical left wing marxist who claims that he represents all peruvians and the poors, while he travels in private jet and SUVs. We need your help!

  • Eric

    Pedro castillo is linked with many terrorist groups in the region plus is supported by Nicolas Maduro and others comunists leaders such as evo morales , and lula da silva, SAO PAOLO FORUM is taking over LATAM help us !

  • Eugenia Valfre D

    Complete true !!

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