Anonymous Message For Peru: Election Fraud?

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Anonymous Message For Peru: Election Fraud?


A recent video alleging to be from Anonymous, sends a chilling message to the Peruvian government, Francisco Sagasti, and the National Elections Jury (JNE) claiming that they have not been neutral or impartial in the second round elections between Keiko Fujimori and Pedro Castillo.

The hacker group launched multiple allegations of fraud published on social networks against Keiko Fujimori, some are false and others are true, and that they, in search of the truth, have found much evidence of fraud and negotiations through intermediary agents. For this reason, they have given 48 hours to the president of the JNE, Jorge Salas Arenas, to resign from his position, otherwise, they will expose audios, documents, and foreign bank movements that will expose his guilt and lack of neutrality.

"We demand transparency but we allow all Peruvian government agencies and especially the National Elections Jury to be transparent and honest with citizens," the audio claims. While the nature of Anonymous does not allow anyone to ascertain the origin or validity of these videos or warnings, one thing is for sure, it can add more drama to an already explosive election battle in Peru. What do you think about this latest warning? Watch and let us know in the comments below!

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  • Fernando Lopez de Castilla

    Stop Communism

  • cesar

    No al fraude.

  • Truthful

    I understand ANONYMOUS is a group of hackers, so that if they can hack then they will find all the proof of fraud and connections needed. The anti-Fujimori, no matter what you show, will always say Keiko is guilty. If there is an eclipse she ordered it, that is how far they go, but if you can dig the truth out then please do so and expose all responsible people, regardless to which party they belong.

  • Vivie

    The truth sets you free. No to electoral fraud.


  • AnitaB

    For the love of the gods… You already know Keiko Fujimori is the leader of a criminal mafia so of course there was fraud since the beginning, she shouldn’t even be running up for president since she is being charged with organized crime, money laundering, obstruction of justice and perjury! She has bought the peruvian tv, newspapers and radio to join her in an alternative universe where she is the angel of democracy who is saving us from communism, terrorism and other crap that she has been nuking us with so please PLEASE show all the evidence you have about this person and her mafia gang so Perú can finally get rid of the rats and start building a new chapter in history. Thanks!

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