Haiti Newly Devastated By Earthquake: "We Need Your Help"

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Haiti Newly Devastated By Earthquake: "We Need Your Help"

According to United Nations’, the August 14 disaster in Haiti has affected more than 2 million people, killed more than 2,000, and injured more than 12,000. The earthquake destroyed more than 50,000 homes and damaged nearly 80,000 more, leaving tens of thousands of people displaced or without homes. 

The Ministry of Public Health identified significant medical needs, including for doctors, nurses, medicines, and supplies, and financial and logistical resources. As part of the response, it has been flagged as necessary to address Covid-19 as well. 

According to Amanda Klasing, the associate women’s rights director at HRW, “The basic medical needs are so great that there is a risk that respect for human rights will be seen as an optional, unaffordable luxury, but we’ve been down that road before, and it left women and girls open to violence, abuse, and preventable deaths”. “Given the vast knowledge of what went wrong, it would be intolerable and inhumane to once again forget and ignore human rights in this response effort.” 


An HRW investigation in 2010 and 2011 showed that women and girls failed to receive adequate help during the humanitarian response to the 2010 earthquake. There was a failure in addressing their needs and rights, including aid for reproductive and maternal care. The lack of food security and sex focus in aid distribution led to hunger, and some women and girls reported being raped in exchange for food. The lack of safe conditions in refugee camps worsened the impact of sexual violence, while it was nearly impossible to get post-rape care.

The areas hit by the August 14 earthquake are already underserved by medical facilities. The WHO estimates that 4 health facilities were destroyed, and 32 were damaged. Thousands of injured people are still in need of immediate care. Women and girls need contraception and post-rape services and those who are pregnant need prenatal, obstetric, and emergency obstetric care. 


As the largest non-governmental healthcare provider in Haiti, PIH is deploying staff and supplies, and providing trauma and emergency care. You can help out by volunteering, helping raise funds, or Donating now to help save lives. Visit them here. Other reliable organizations you could volunteer with or donate to help in Haiti are listed below. 


  • Hospital Bernard Mevs, largest emergency hospital in Port-au-Prince. In partnership with Project Medishare, the hospital is accepting donations to help victims in Les Cayes and Jeremie.
  • Prodev, a Haitian-led nonprofit organization supports rebuilding efforts and established a school for displaced children. The institution is accepting donations.
  • Fokal, a 25-year-old nonprofit that works with local small businesses and groups, initiated a relief campaign by distributing funds through its network of organizations, including “smallholder farmers, cocoa growers, dairy farmers and women who run micro agro businesses, all of which are crucial in the region’s food production.” It is accepting donations.



  • Partners in Health, Canada based, “delivers health care to the world’s poorest places,” is accepting donations for its earthquake response.
  • José Andrés’s World Central Kitchen, US / Spain based, is serving meals to victims and first responders. It’s accepting donations.
  • UNICEF, has mobilized to deliver medical supplies to hospitals. It has also distributed tarps for emergency shelter, latrines, hygiene items and water-treatment tablets, and is collecting donations.
  • Hope for Haiti, a US based nonprofit organization, is providing medical services and clean water in its infirmary in Les Cayes. The organization is accepting donations for its relief efforts.
  • Project St. Anne, a US based non profit organization, it has a team at Camp-Perrin and is delivering food and water to survivors. It is accepting donations.
  • Notre Dame D’Haiti Catholic Mission, US based, is collecting donations or over the phone at 305-751-6289.
  • Operation Helping Hands, US based, is supporting victims’ short- and long-term recovery by collecting donations.
  • Sow a Seed, US based, launched an earthquake relief campaign for medical supplies, food, water, clothing and baby items. It is accepting donations.

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