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  In October 2021, the German federal prosecutor's office arrested two former Bundeswehr soldiers planning to create a terrorist group in Yemen. A few days prior to the arrests, authorities found radioactive materials and intelligence reports at an officer's home. Earlier that year, the image of the German Army was tarnished by revelations of a far-right network operating within it.  German military intelligence (MAD) revealed in January 2021, that there were at least 592 suspected far-right cases in the army in 2020. In March 2021, officials reported having identified 27 people as far-right extremists. The KSK, the most secretive unit in the...

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As COVID-19 cases continue to climb worldwide, and millions of lives are at stake. This global health crisis is increasing the inequality of access to prevention and treatment, particularly among marginalised populations. The use of price gouging and archaic intellectual property laws by pharmaceutical corporations is placing profits over health.

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